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Welcome to the new Wilkes-Barre POWER! Website. New content, a member and business directory, and a form to Join online are all coming soon!

POWER! is an informal group of professionals whose mission is to promote theĀ region as a vital and pleasurable place to live, work and play. The initiative has successfully created a forum for professionals in the Northeastern Pennsylvania region to not only meet, socialize, and network with their peers, but to also become involved in shaping their community.

POWER! is also a great way to find new jobs, new employees, or even new friends. Many of our members own their own business and take advantage of the POWER! mailing list to reach new prospective customers. If you are a recent graduate or just trying to find a different career path, you may find the lead that you were looking for at the next “POWER! Outage”, which take place each month at local bars/restaurants. And if you are new to the area, POWER! can make your moving transition easier for you. Take advantage of the happy hours and other events throughout the months and in no time you will make many contacts and new friends.

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  1. Chris Nash says:

    Congrats on the new site Power!

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